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Afreen Khan & Nida Chaudhry Stage Dancer Banned for Vulgar Mujra

Two prominent Stage Dancers Afreen Khan & Nida Chaudhry Banned for Alleged Vulgarity acts in their Dances Afreen Khan and Nida Chaudry, both stage dancers were banned from doing any act and show on stage. This seems to be a result of multiple complaints about the two doing vulgar dance recently. A Lahore stage dancer commented regarding the ban that people do complain about semi naked dances but when these two women perform, the audience demand for it. In fact, people allegedly have given some extra money for more indecent Mujra dance. In recent interview Nida Chaudhry said  “We do what the public demands,” & “We ourselves are all Muslims.” Sources says that district authorities broke in Naaz Theater and found …

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