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Sex Tape is Fake, Marriage is Real: Actress Meera


Meera left behind Veena Malik and Mathira in the race as one of her sex MMS leaked on the social media and went viral. In the video, Meera and Captain Naveed were featured together in shameful condition. Guess the condition yourself by having a look at the picture.

Now that the video was released and has left people all around the world stunned with what the actresses can do to get publicity, Mubashir Lucman was the very first to call Meera to his show “Khara Sach” which has been aired on ARY Digital, along with her husband.


Both of them responded by denying the credibility of the video and said that it was a fake video. The reason they could thought of behind making such a video was to destroy overall image of Meera.

The positive thing out of this video leak scandal was that both of them declared their wedding on this dramatic scene. Meera on this occasion told in the show that she has been receiving threats that demanded her money in case she did not want this video to be leaked.

Meera and Captain Naveed both said that the video was a fake one and it was made using “Modern Technology”.

Let us take this way. Mathira was discussed at the start of the year, and then it was all Veena Malik. Meera made an entry with her marriage scandal that was not catching as much attention as Veena Malik’s objectionable pictures probably. So here Meera goes with an objectionable video that has gone viral and it is now talk of the town and even TV channels are taking notice of it.

Is the video real or fake, no one can judge but by looking at the previous record of Meera, it seems quite fishy and an honest thought would be that it was leaked intentionally and things seem to be planned quite expertly to provide Meera with the attention that she wanted.

The leaked video of Meera’s sex MMS cannot be shown here due to its objectionable content but a video of Mubashir Lucman’s show Khara Sach having Meera and Captain Naveed together and another video of Meera and Captain Naveed having fun together in reasonable limits are shared here.

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