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Actress Meera Marriage Scandal with Captain Naveed


Meera is married to a Pakistani-US citizen who is actually an airline captain and his name is Naveed Pervaiz. The marriage certificate was obtained by the media and according to the certificate this marriage is over two months old now.

As a matter of fact the Lollywood actress Meera announced her engagement with Captain Naveed but wedding was not mentioned at all by her.


Meera’s father in law disclosed this information to the media and the marriage certificate shows the date 31st of October 2013 and the place of the wedding according to the certificate is New York.

The groom in this certificate is named as “Naveed Pervaiz” and name of the bride is “Irtaza Rubab”. It would be good to remind the readers here that actress Meera has a real name i.e. Irtaza Rubab.

This marriage certificate shows that Captain Naveed was born in the year 1978 while Meera was born on 12th of December 1977 and she is almost 1 year older than the groom.

Meera Nikkah Nama
Meera Nikkah Nama

The rumours of Meera’s marriage were circulating from February 2012 when Meera’s family accepted Captain Naveed and it was planned that the news of the announcement of the wedding will be held up till 2014. After the announcement the plan was to properly conduct wedding ceremony and all the festivities related to the marriage.

The drama started when the news channels contacted actress Meera regarding the marriage and she denied the ‘Nikkah’ and said that she was currently busy and focused on building her hospital for now.

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