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Ayesha Ahad & Humza Shahbaz Marriage

Story of Ayesha Ahad & Hamza Marriage


As PT, The Nation reported. Allegedly Marriage scandal of Ayesha Ahad Malik by on Mr. Humza Shahbaz. The bride unveils the story in a different manner after facing media. She hopes that she would get justice and her life would again be settled. In her opinion she is a victim of harassment and maltreatment. Allegedly Her ex-husband Hamza Shahbaz is a villain who is torturing her because she claims to be his third wife. She has all the photos as evidence and proper Nikkah nama with her. She needs immediate justice as so many cases are filed against her. In a press conference she unveiled that police upon PML-N will maltreated her. PML-N is threatening her instead of taking her side.
She swears to God that Hamza is her spouse. Her accusation for PML-N is that they even kidnapped her to suppress her voice but she is not afraid. She asked justice from The Chief Justice of Pakistan. She says many fake cases are registered against her to demoralize her. And her life is in danger because they are vigilant against her. She claims their marriage took place in around 2012 and just after six months of this wedding, Hamza divorced her for no reason.

In February 2013, She says she was tortured in a police raid. Ayesha showed her anger at police and said that it is not a police force of Pakistan but personal “Sharif Force” who works under the nose of Sharif Family. So justice from them is a dream in Punjab unless media and Chief Justice of Pakistan assist her in this case. She also appealed to provide her with security against PML-N evil threats. She also accused their party members for beating her severely when she tried to meet her husband at Alhamra Arts council, Lahore. They stopped her from letting in and started using physical force against the lady, while Humza fled from the scenario.
She also told the media that Humza is going to marry Dr. Rabia without her permission which is against law. So she appeals to the authorities to stop Humza from doing so. Her accusations are big and only court of law will decide whether true or not.
Ayesha‘s father is Ahad Malik who has also got political reputation in the country.
Story of Ayesha Ahad Marriage:


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