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Shehzad Roy’s Wife Scandal on Social Media

Shehzad Roy’s Wife Scandal on Social Media

Shehzad Roy’s Wife
Shehzad Roy’s Wife

Pakistani Pop star Shehzad Roy’s wife scandal popped out just after the couple got married at the peak time of Shehzad Roy’s Controversial Show from GEO TV, “Chal Parha”.. Actually shehzad roy‘s marriage to MTV VJ Salma, is itself a scandal for the social media personals. They objected on their recent marriage and thus are sparking out their rage on social media site like facebook and twitter etc. These people have unknown origins and the basic objection about the betrothal is that Shehzad Roy is keeping double standards. At one hand he is the ambassador of ‘’Modern Education System” in Pakistan via his GEO TV program, in which he opposes Pakistani Educational System from which ‘Islamic Syllabus” must be excluded. On the other he has married an ‘’Ultra-Modern” women who had been working for MTV in the past. Her lifestyle portrays a total western thinking and her attires are not even Pakistani. So the eyebrows raised on Shehzad and his spouse that if he tries to bring a change in the Pakistani Education System and he is really sensitive about the conventional system of knowledge delivery in the country. And he has the true patriotic spirit, then why did he marry a woman with western thinking, western lifestyle and western clothing? People were already enraged at Shehzad Roy’s criticism about ‘’Islamic syllabus’’ in his ‘’Chal Parha” program.

Shehzad Roy’s Wife Scandal
Shehzad Roy’s Wife Scandal

They were already protesting about ‘’Chal Parha” on social media sites and called it ‘’Anti-Islamic’’ and “Anti-Pakistani”; his marriage added fuel to fire with Mod-Chic MTV VJ Salma. Their photographs are a talk of the town these days, especially of Salma’s. People claimed them to be foreigner agents, having foreign lifestyle and agenda in mind. For his critics, Shehzad Roy is not favoring Pakistan but the west. They are mocking his personal pictures with women and his wife Salma. For them, if Shehzad R was truly a Humanitarian, he must not have gone against Islamic and Urdu teaching patterns and must not have chosen a life partner like VJ Salma, who belongs to a class of so-called Liberal Pakistanis. He has become the most controversial male celebrity nowadays. People demand his answer about his allegations on him or he must stop spreading “Anti-Islamic’’ and “ Anti-patriotic” opinions via ‘’Chal Parha”.


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  1. Ahmed Rana shut it mouth don't act like kinder garden child just grow up man let sir shehzad do his job okay mind ur own bluddy business

  2. Anyone who thinks this is a big deal obviously is an illiterate Dehati idiot. Roy please educate these idiots

  3. uff.Imran khan shehzadroy and every one who speaks up against the system u ppl calling him a gent.that is why our education is so bogus and u are no one to criticize anybody by picking some personal pictures. its so timid act. grow up plz.Her wife is studying and its must b a pictures of any party and dress is according to the foreign country's any party or masquerade whats the big deal in it.." when in Rome do as roman do.. as v all knew about it our cousins when go to any foreign uni they attend all parties and gatherings this is just the one of them party or gathering and u ppl assuming according to ur filthy mind..am sick out of this scandel…shame on the person made it..

  4. shehzad roy a mrasi now will tell us what we have to study?bul shit
    what you think pakistani people will act upon advice of a mrase hahahaha

  5. What a fucked mentality you own. He has represented Pakistan internationally in a positive light, recently even teemed up with Guns'n'Roses guitarist in LA to promote education in pakistan and yet the only thing you fucking moron can see is his wife's pic. Foreign Agent? Maybe you're a fucking Taaalibani asshole hell-bent on destroying PAKISTan and anyone who contributes to our nation's betterment. Wearing Pakistani clothes does not make you patriotic and do remember that Pakistan in not only inhabited by Muslims, we have a considerable non-muslim population as well. They may be less in number but they are no less Pakistani than you fucking moron are. Grow up and leave your dogma, shitface.

  6. Do anyone give a F word about your post ?

  7. i also happen to be someone who believes that education is the only thing tha canchange the thinking of the people,…so does that mke me a foreign agent….if a person likes someone and is marrying that person, what business does anyone have to comment on their personal lives. if she is ultra modern, why is that a problem for you…who are u to decide… who knows that person might be morally stronger than you..

    • If you are a public face to millions, ppl do give a damn about your personal decisions as you are trying to bring a change in country, you can’t bs about education on TV and then go partying your own, its hypocrisy.

      • How is being modern a bad thing? I mean only illiterate should be offended by this.

  8. Shehzad Roy is doing a great job in his program chal parha . he is doing what education department should have done. the people who are blaming him of being anti Islam or anti Pakistan are those who have vested interests and they are afraid that if people became aware of all these irregularities their interests will be at stake. it is actually these people who are anti Islam anti Pakistan and they should be held responsiible for the downfall of education and the downfall of the moral fiber of the Pakistani society. IT IS HIGH TIME recognize your real enemies and stand up for your children your nation and your country.

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