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Shameful Clip Broadcasted by PTV Home


Its very disturbing to see vulgur and immoral clips on PTV home, the channel which is considered to be a family channel. On aired a vulgur clip comprising of Faisal Quershi and Saba Qamar. The clip revolves around the conversation of Saba Qamar and Faisal Quershi in which it is shown that Saba Qamar awakes in the room of Faisal Quershi and she don’t know who Faisal is the dressing of Saba is very vulgur in that clip and the conversation they have totally reflects a society in which drinking and going out at nights is very common. Saba behaves in a way that she had sex last night and is very worried about it. PTV shouldn’t do this as its the last hope for the people of Pakistan. A hope that they can sit and watch this channel with their families but i think the PTV is chasing the hot channels like HUM TV and ARY where nowadays vulgarity is on top. Keeping in veiw our society the things that our channels like HUM TV and ARY are showing deviates from the traditions of our society. Our TVchannels should keep in mind the traditions and norms of our society and the shots and dramas should be in accordance with our society. Our media nowadays is totally looking to follow Indian drama series where glamour and vulgarity is given more importance than acting and story. Our morning shows are getting out of what their goal is. The goal of Morning shows is light entertainment and the morning shows nowadays is showing Indian type marriages and don’t have any sort of message in those.


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