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Saudi Women defiance against driving ban in Saudi Arabia


On October 26th, Saudi women will observe petition day in order to force law making institutions to remove the ban from women-driving. Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive. Last Sunday more than five thousand and eight hundred signatories gathered in order to raise their voice against this ban.

Statements of different women were recorded for the petition and they claimed that next month they will be able to drive their cars. Quite a few of these women have foreign licenses and they are capable of teaching women in their own country how to drive a car.


Nasima-al Sada in her enthusiastic statement said that “I would drive on October 26”. This statement show her passion and enthusiasm as far as driving is concerned. It is estimated that about twenty women would participate in the campaign that is organised in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

In this petition the women took the stance that in the time of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), women used to participate in camel and horse riding. Times have changed and now cars are the popular mode of travel, therefore women should not be deprived of this art. Petitioners also argued that no text or commandment in Hadith or religious preaching that has put restrictions upon women driving or riding.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the last day of defiance was observed on 17th of June, 2011. Women those took part in that protests were forced to become signatories to a petition restricting them to earn permission before they can drive.

Saudi Arabia is known as an ultra-conservative country where freedom of women is not entertained and there are severe punishments in place if the rules and laws are violated.

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