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Sara Loren (Mona Lizza) Latest Interview


Sara-Loren_sexySara Loren previously known as “Mona Lizza” a live dance performer, TV actress and model who moved to Mumbai 2010 and now is working  “Murder 3”. She worked in Pakistani Dramas, Fashion shows and Films from 2003 to 2010. She started her careerer in 2003 with a TV Drama “Rabia Zinda rahegi”  and that was a huge success and after that worked in over 20 plays and drama serials and out of those big hits were ” Mein Margaye Shaukat Ali, Anokhi, Memsaab, Kisi KoMaan Liya Apna, Riysat, Madhosh and Sahabano and Meharbano. Sara also worked in 3 Lollywood movies naming Anjuman, Nargis and Gidh she also performed an item song in Faisal Bukhari’s moive. Recently the potenial actress reveled some interesting information about herself like working in bollywood industry, reason behind name change and inspiration from Sophia Loren and answer to lots of other questions  in her latest interview.Some of the facts and highlights that were extracted from her interview are as under.

Sara loren is a sagittarain and her date of birth is 11 december, according to the devine beautiful actress her lucky number is 2.When the charming actress was asked about the reason behind name change, she came up with anwer that she strongly believes in numerlogy, power of birth stones and horoscopes she added that her previous name “Mona” was chosen few months before her birth and last name “Lizza” had not proved lucky for her in showbiz industry.


She added that her first name  “Sara” suits her because in herbrew it means Princess and Loren means “Laurel” in Latin. she said she needed a name that is powerful and now she got one and thats working for her and it seems true as well because she got casted in a high profile sequial movie “Murder 3”.

sara-loren_Mona liza

Talking about the  the Decision of  Moving to Mumbai ,Sara admitted that her decision to move to Mumbai was unplaned and she just took the decison spontaneously she added that There were no exciting projects happening in Pakistan. I was bored and looking for excitement. I am a Dreamer! i want to do so much! I love travelling and i want to see the whole world. I wanted a change in scenery and went to Mumabi for exciting projects. Tere was no preparation . I just packed my bag and took a chance.”
Goregous Sara now a days lives in a studio apartment in the upscale district of Versova, 10 minutes from Lokhandwala, the large residential and commercial enclave in the Andheri district of Mumbai.Answering to the question regarding the image Veena and Meera have created about the Pakistani actresses, Sara explained that

” They have their own thoughts and and ideas about their careers.Those publicity tactics might have worked for them. But the type of life and career i want is in my head and i am really working hard in order to ger some more seious roles and achieve my dreams.”


Sara also explained why she signed Murder 3, she said she was offered movies with intimate love scenes but she havn’t seen any potential growth for myself as an actor, she added that it has different story than the previous two films. She told that the movie has lip kissing and love making scene but its all about camera angles and she found it very sexy and funny at the same time.
Explaining about her co-actress  Aditi, Sara said that

” i believe in doing my work well.But i don’t know why women are jealous of me? Wth aditi it was like i am from Pakistan she was trying to give me athe attitude of “Pakistan sy aa ke kiya samajhti hai apne aap ko Mumbai mein!”

In the end Sara reveled that she is born star because she was born on sofa of  Kuwaiti hospital weighing 12 pounds and the news made headlines in the Arabian Times newspaper.

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