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Rihai Hum Tv Drama Serial

Rihai Hum TV Drama Serial


Hum TV is always known for presenting classical dramas for its viewers. These plays are realistic and depicts the truth of life, instead of showing off a fantasy world where there is no sorrow, no hard ship, no pain and only fairies and flowers. These dramas defiantly attract a huge number of people but at the same time, they could not create an impact on minds. Realistic dramas are harsh but truth sprung up from them which are why a great number of spectators love them, adore them and admire them. Rihai is such a drama that only portrays truth and nothing else.
Rihai is decked with all the shining stars of Showbiz, like the brilliant Nauman Ejaz, the great Samina Perzada, the gorgeous Maria Wasti, the sizzling Saniya Shamshad and others. These glittering stars have stamped the serial into a hit already. Rihai is wonderfully directed and written by two skillful females, such as its direction is done by Mehran Jabbar while it is penned down by Farhat Ishtyaq.

Scenic depiction and setting play also play a vital role in the success of drama. People only appreciate those serials that are more realistic. Fortunately, all the scenes and sets used in it are near to reality, and hence heart touching.
The subject of Rehai is also very touching. It is about ‘’having a Son” or “Gender Discrimination”. The issue raised in it has a social significance and a lot of women in Pakistan are still undergoing through such circumstances in their lives. Where their husbands demand is to have a son but Allah’s will is to award them with a girl; what consequences then a wife faces after bearing a girl, is its issue.
Waseem is a man like that. He longs for a son but could not have it. His first wife is infertile while the other made him a father of three innocent daughters. His rage is high and his treatment towards his wives is hurting. He is responsible in making their lives a living hell. He is cruel and typical conventional husband who are totally unconcerned about anything but an heir in the form of a baby boy. To see when will the woebegone lives of his submissive women change and when will they get “Rehai’’ from the woes of life, keep in touch with the serial.

Rihai Hum TV Drama Serial:


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