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Revised Government Pay Scale 2013 in Pakistan


Government employees were waiting for the past few months for the increase in their salaries either according to unified pay scale or through new revised pay scale or through an allowance. They will feel happy as Government has decided that to double the salaries of employees from January 2013 after revising their pay scales. That is why, these days government employees mostly talking about the increase in salaries and it is the hot topic among them.  Although the Government doubled the salaries of all employees but it seems that it will not very sufficient because if we look at the inflation rate in Pakistan at present then we will find that it is very high. As a result, price of everything reaching maximum level in Pakistan. As the salary is the only source of income for most of government servants which directly affect them so there is need to increase the salary more. Increase in salaries was expected in last year in 2012 but now it was decided that salaries will increase in Jan, 2013 according to 2013 budget.

For this reason according to some sources, the federal finance ministry asked the Pay and Pension Commission whose head is a Former Governor State of Pakistan (SBP), Dr Ishrat Hussain to revise the pay scale of all employees according to the budget of current year to provide benefit to government employees without creating a burden on the national exchequer. Some sources are also saying that the government is trying to get an advantage in coming general elections that is why they decided to raise the salaries of employees by giving allowance up to 20% in salaries and in pension. While the armed forces and the Judiciary would not subject to uniform pay scale as they will continue to work within their existing pay scale.


Here we are showing chat in which maximum and minimum increase in salaries is shown according to scale wise:

Scale 1: min increase would be Rs.960 while max increase would be Rs.1860Government-of-Pakistan

Scale 2: min increase would be Rs.980 while max increase would be Rs.2000

Scale 3: min increase would be Rs.1010 while max increase would be Rs.2210

Scale 4: min increase would be Rs.1040 while max increase would be RS.2420

Similarly from scale 5 to scale 22 government employees 20% increase in salaries and pension would be applied which is great news for the employees who are working at present in the government sector.


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  1. Muhammad nazir

    I hoped. this budget 2015-2016 Govt of Pakistan handsome salary packaged give to employee.

  2. i want to see yearwise pay structure from 1986 to 2013

  3. Safdar ussain Parvaz

    Pakistan steel employees get pay rises w,e,f, 1.10.2012 but its subsidiers employees have stil deprived from such increase of Payment However in this respect an appeal was submitted to the MOIP whic is lying under table of Mr.Fazulur Rehman S.O Admin III but still our salaries are not revised by CEO Pakistan steel before this in shape of revision of Pay scales employees have received huge losses .result is that we are not proper handling expenses of kitchen and kids fees e. we appeal to the higher authorities please help and provide legal help as innocent citizen of Pakistan.

  4. what are doing govt regarding one increment of selection grade-14

  5. Muhammad Adnan

    will u plz tel me what is the pay of scale 1,2,3 etc. i.e. all scales.
    kind regards

  6. Khaliq SIDDIQI

    I believe your print regarding 20% increase in salary/pension is misleading.It was only10% pl clarify

  7. Please inform me about increase in salaries of govt employees

  8. Hi

    I want the inflation rate in Pakistan in last 10 years, and increments for government and privet sector employees, as I am working for a privet company who had increased salaries but its too little. I have to collect information and submit the comparison to our head office.

    your early action highly appreciated.

    best regards

  9. waseem kashif

    how r u

    i want to up to date regarding increases pay and scales and any other benefits

    i need ur response


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