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Remake of Anjuman Telefilm on Geo TV

Remake of Anjuman Telefilm on Geo TV


After a long wait of about two months, Geo fulfilled its promise by telecasting its post-modern telefilm Anjuman on Sunday, 27th April 2013. The film is a remake of the old classical Anjuman. Its starring includes Imran Abbass, Sara Loren, Ally Khan, Iffat Umar and so on. Zanjabeel Shah rewrote this beautiful sequel.
The storyline is very interesting in which a young, angelic and adorable university girl, Anjum Hayat Khan is harassed daily by some ill-famed university fellows. She always ignores them but one day, they came across Asif, who is a kind-hearted youngster; he stops them but they insist. Thus a skirmish starts between them. For Asif and everyone else, Anjum is a chaste girl but reality indicates something else.
The same notorious university bucks visit a brothel next day and to their shock the innocent Anjum entertains them with her dance and swinging. This news spreads rapidly like a burning fire all across the university and the shameful Anjum aka Anjuman dancer, leaves the university because of her insult.

Asif is very angry and stunned at this and he becomes restless to know about her reality. But she has left university leaving him clueless. He mind is boggled at this and he did not expect Anjum to be a slut or something like that.
Wajahat is Asif’s brother. His affair with a renowned floozy is in town now. So when it reaches Asif, he decides to drop by to that woman. He sets out from home to meet her and to his surprise again, the whore he was looking for is Anjum or Anjuman again. He is hurt and while enquiring about her, she reveals that she is Wajahat’s property now as he has bought her at a ceremony. Asif is still eager to sort out the truth about her life so he stays with her instead of his brother and is ready to ask her each mind-boggling question.
Anjuman is well-directed and produced. It is a jam-packed bash for all film-lovers. Geo and Tarang have done a great job by presenting such a super-entertaining telefilm for its viewers.  And last but not least Anjuman is a Must-Watch movie!
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