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Mera Sultan Geo Tv Drama serial


Based on the life of Sultan Suleiman who was the 10th emperor of Ottoman Empire, Muhtesem Yuzyil (Magnificent Century) is a prime time Turkish drama which started to air on January 5 2011-still going on, originally aired on Show TV but later turned to Star TV is becoming one of the most popular television drama serial of all times. As even before its final transmission, this Turkish delight has been aired on many channels around the globe in respective different languages.

The Turkish soap has been broadcasted in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China with Russia and France. Despite it`s the controversies against it for presenting a respected historical figure in a slight dark way. This drama has managed to attain successful ratings all over the world. The early plot of this drama was based on the longest reigning sultan of Ottoman Empire and his wife Hurrem Sultana who from a slave girl became the queen of one of the largest empires in the world. However the plot have aggressively changed due to the rapid progress as its running the 4th season completing 110 episodes of 60-120 minutes. The main cast includes Halit Ergnc as Sultan Suleiman and Meryam Uzerli as Hurrem.


Well till now you should get the idea that we are talking about the ongoing sensation Mera Sultan (GEO Kahani). Not a surprise that this drama is the most watched drama being aired on Kahani as it is mentioned before that it have been broadcast around the world. Mera Sultan maybe the best addition in the Turkish invasion of our TV screens which started back with Ishq e Memnoo. However, we have to dmit that Ishq e Memnoo was a trendsetter as it opened paths for Turkish culture into our lives but with dramas like Mera Sultan (better Known as Muhtesem Yuzyil) this was worth it.

Mera Sultan Geo Tv Drama serial:

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