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Decorating Your Home to Welcome Ramadan

Decorating Your Home to Welcome Ramadan


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims all over the world observe fast in this holly month. They fast from dawn till sunset, keep themselves from consuming food, drinking liquids and all the bad deeds. So, friends this blessed month is knocking on our doorstep, ready to shower all its blessings on us. Are u ready to welcome it? .Muslims around the world do before hand preparations for Ramadan. They decorate their homes, streets and malls with amazing light effects, crescent, colourful flags and much much more.
Today, I am going to share a few tips which can help you decorate your home to welcome Ramadan Karim and enjoy the spiritual significance of this holy month. Yes, greetings! You can put up a nice bunch of cards on the main door of your house which is going to feast the eyes of your family members and yes, the guests who are going to visit you in the following days.

Lantern is believed to be an old tradition of Muslims welcoming Ramadan. You can hang the lanterns with ceiling and even place them on the tables around your house. It will create a spiritual essence indoors. Breaking the fast by eating dates is a Sunnah. You can utilize a classic glass plate or a jar with lid to keep the dates in it. And this can add life and festivity to your table. You can use it as a centre piece for your table or even in your glass cabinets in kitchen.
Ramadan calendar is a very essential thing; you can hang it in the room where you open your fast or even in your kitchen. It’s going to help you keep the track of the rozas’. All the family members especially the kids will be pretty much excited by using it as a countdown for EID. Now a days a variety of candles are available you can even use colourful candles with soothing fragrance to lit up your house and the adorable fragrance welcoming the Holly month.
Friends buy a chatati if you don’t have it or any nice piece of cloth which you can lay on the floor use it as your dine. Why? It’s a sunnah of our beloved Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) He prefers tip eat while sitting on the floor. Trust me you will be touched by this. You can even lay it in the specific place in your house, name it as praying corner read Quran, tasbeehs, and you can even keep a book rack over there in which u can have a collection of various spiritual Islamic books.
Decorating your home before Ramadan has its own significance but pals we should not forget the essential message which this blessed month bring along charity, helping the destitute , soul searching and even cleansing , doing ibadat(Prayers)  and finding Laila tul Qadar in the last ten days ( odd number) of Ramadan. This month has a lot to offer. May Allah guide us all to the right path and help us benefit through this month. ( amen) Ramadan Mubarak.


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