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AUN ZARA A Plus TV Drama Serial

AUN-ZARA A Plus TV Drama Serial


“Aik Naye Cinderella’s team is back again with their latest project “Aun Zara”. It is an A-Plus presentation, it play began from 8th March 2013. Hassaeim Hussain has directed the show, while its writer is Faiza Iftikhar. The main storyline says that Aun is an underdog, whose wife does not pay him attention; in other words, his wife is unable to return back the same quality plus quantity of love, he demands. Thus his problem is depicted in a funny manner in the play since Aun Zara is a lightweight comedy. Its aim is to entertain people in a true sense rather than showing harsh feelings, enraged emotions and pleas of a modern man to depress. It is successful as it always bring smile on faces watching it.
Osman Khalid Butt is playing the role of Aun, while Maya Ali is Zara, his fiancé. Aun lives in a joint family system where everyone loves him and therefore is responsible for making him a spoiled young boy. His grandmother, aunt, mother and everyone else living with him shows their love for him excessively that it has become ruinous for his life now. They live like real joint family where family members especially mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are trying to knock down each other linguistically; but underneath these spats & tussles there lies true love, affection & compassion between each other.

He goes to a Mehendi function of a friend where he meets his future wife, Zara. He is able to get married so his family goes to the girl’s home to ask for her hand.
Zara is from army family; her father is very loving, wise and overprotected too.  The girl is cute and innocent but equally a spoiled girl like her groom-to-be. After getting engaged they start making silly mistakes with each other. These mistakes are foolish but innocent that makes everybody laugh out loudly, instead of getting angry or raise eye brows on the duo.
The best thing about this comedy is excellent chemistry between the artists like Aun and Zara look wonderful together and Aun’s large family looks like an original one with all characters well-knit with each other.

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