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Abida Parveen – The Sufi Music Diva


Abida Parveen – The Sufi Music Diva of Sub-continent

Abida-ParveenOne of the most famous singers in Pakistan is Abida Parveen or the Sufi Music Diva. She was born on 1954 in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Mainly, she received her training in singing and music through her father, Ustad Ghulam Haider and also from Ustad Salamat Ali Khan from the Sham Chorasia. As she was growing up, she learned more about music and singing through the music school of her father.


Beginning of Parveen’s Career

Parveen started her professional career back in 1973 at Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad. The first song she sang was Tuhinje Zulfan Jay Band Kamand Widha in Sindhi language. She became more popular and seen as the acclaimed music diva through a show called Coke Studio in Pakistan. There, Parveen sang three songs: Nigah-e-Darwaishaan, Ramooz-e-Ishq, and Soz-e-Ishq.

Inspirational Sufi

The famous and most renowned Sufi poet of his time is Bulleh Shah who became famous during the 18th century. Shah was also famous for being a philosopher and Humanist during his time with most of his Sufi poets as the most rated. His poetry entitled Kaafi is the traditional style of Punjabi wherein it concentrates on the mystical spiritual travel in Sufism stages: Path, Observance, Truth, and Marfat.

Sufi and Parveen

The forte of Parveen revolves around ghazal and kafi. She reigned during the time of folk music where many male artists dominated the era. This is also where the change of genre happened and showcased her unique vocals. Nonetheless, Parveen became very popular because she translated a man’s poetry into hers.

Abida Parveen Kalams

These are few known Qalams sung by Abada Parvin

Aabida Parveen Coke Studio

Jo Rang Rangaya (Abida Parveen live)

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