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Unblock / Use YouTube in Pakistan

How to Use / Open YouTube in Pakistan – Unblock Access


Due anti-Islamic videos; YouTube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not survive without availability of its service, even thought few people think of this act as unethical as government banned and people should follow Govt’s act and do not access the blocked video site, but in extreme wee have to use it. I’ll describe a very simple method to access the YouTube in Pakistan

Govt. is planing to open YouTube, it can still be open using this https link :
Open YouTube


If it still doesn’t work, please use Google DNS

We will be using Proxy software to open the YouTube, There are few popular software that gives free service for that purpose, few of them are:

Download  & Install one of Softwares Below:

Download Hotspot Shield Recommended


Download Ultra Surf .zip file

All you need to do install any of these software and start surfing blocked site 🙂

Always remember to start or connect the software to work properly and Firefox may cause problems, Chrome and Internet Explorer are perfectly suitable. This article is only for educational purposes and www.web.pk does not support its commercial usage and using will be as per users responsibility.


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