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Dr.Shaista Wahidi & Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman [Rumor Cleared]


The article we publish few weeks ago has no credibility and weak sources behind it mostly rumors.

We owe an formal apology to Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman for his association in that news we published.


Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman is remarkable personality with great image, we have no intent to hurt his reputation, we are extremely sorry for any trouble we caused.

This article was mainly on Dr.Shaista Wahidi but as per association with Mr Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman we owe an apology to her as well.

We have also removed this article.

The source which is a Facebook popular page and is spreading on Facebook. This image was uploaded on a Facebook page “Khabar ha Pakistan Ki” and here is image. That page uploaded and share image on September 20th.

We are still still sorry to him and will take about it in future.


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